Vanda Szabo Personal Branding Photographer

I met the father of my child on the first day when I moved to the UK (and he is also Hungarian). We are going for the longest engagement title EVER.


I am a mother of a toddler monkey 

I love cycling. It used to be a mountain bike but nowadays I swapped it to a traditional bike with a basket and child seat at the front. You can see me around the Worcester area almost every day :) 

I am a fan of Yoga with Adriene. We practice yoga together with Adriene and Benji every day. 

I love being outdoors. I especially feel energised if the sea and mountains are nearby. 

I used to be a Beauty and Massage Therapist and Beautician Teacher. Then I spent another eight years or so in dentistry. Wow, it must mean that I am getting towards my Ruby Jubilee

I would love to move to Italy so I could live on gelato and pasta (and sunshine of course). 

I love reading, however having a toddler significantly reduces your reading opportunities to children books. 

Did I mention baking yet? A quick muffin or pancake can instantly lift your spirit on those rainy days.

My Unicorn Factor is being an Aquarius. Did you know that is the rarest Zodiac Sign? 

Here is WHY I am in love with Personal Branding Photography:

I love capturing the essence of Female Business Owners (especially Mums in Business).

It is amazing to see that with the help of my beautiful bespoke photographs, these ladies fell in love with their business again. 

Their confidence grows.

Their motivation increases, while their stress level drops. 

They feel that a huge stone drops off their shoulder as they save time. 

Their brand awareness increases, therefore their business grows.

I feel honoured that I am part of their journey and I can contribute towards achieving the business of their dreams. 


Vanda Szabo Personal Branding Photographer Worcestershire

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