Vanda Szabo Personal Branding Photographer



Have you always thought about Personal Branding photography as a luxury for your business? I am here to ask you to change that. I want you to read my blog with an open mind and hopefully, by the end, you will consider Personal Branding Photography as a necessary investment. 

I am proud to say that as a Personal Branding Photographer I offer a unique photography experience where I help my clients every step of the way. The key is building a relationship with my clients prior the photoshoot day. We work as a team on planning every small detail so the end result will be more efficient.

The experience I gained via my previous professions helped me to create a business model where I see fewer number of clients, but I spend more time with them. The only way I can translate your unique story via my photographs is getting to know you, the real person behind your brand. If your business photographs are perfectly curated, they will attract the right customers for you.

  1. Via brand awareness.

Using PB photographs in your marketing strategy position yourself as an expert in your field, you look more professional and it provides your audience with a more authentic brand experience.

Recently, I had a photoshoot with a business coach, and I purposely created a plain headshot as I wanted to demonstrate how PBP is different. If you were looking for a business coach and you see these two profiles online, you very likely would hire the one on the right. You can see a clear message that she is kind, fun, yet professional and approachable. She also has an action plan for you and going to help you to achieve your goals.

PBPs are telling the whole story of your business. They show your customers what you do, how and why you do it. They help you to grab the attention of your future customers and allow them to bond with you on a deeper level. These photos speak to them and allow them to imagine how your product or service would improve their lives. They resonate with them on a personal level, that create trust. And people buy from people they know, like and trust. Attracting the right type of clients will make working in your business a breeze. You will operate on a higher energy; everything will run smoothly.