Vanda Szabo Personal Branding Photographer


"I've had various branding photography shoots done over the years, and this was the first one that felt genuinely natural, easy and fun. The other big difference was the preparation - we spent plenty of time exploring my business, my values and how we could translate those things into unique photos. She has a gift for creating scenarios that feel fun and natural, for setting them up visually and then snapping away so that I barely noticed I was having my photo taken. It was miles away from that feeling of a fixed smile for the camera or awkwardly not knowing what to do during a shoot! Also the photos are gold dust, they genuinely show me as I am so that I can feel proud and authentic when I post them on my site or social media."

Christina Lynch ACC

-Business and Wellbeing Coach

"Vanda truly captures every moment with her heart and soul and her work speaks volumes of that!

I’m glad we could work together as a team for two photoshoot for both my blogs. Working with her has been a dream and all the pictures are just so unique and natural.

All her shots have art in them and are so perfectly curated by her. I’m definitely going to work with her again as this has been such a fabulous experience. I’d say you need to work with her to know what I mean and be rest assured that you’ll be taken care of well with utmost professionalism.

Highly recommend her work!!"

Vania Maria Julia Cotta

-Food and Lifestyle Blogger

"I normally hate having photos of myself taken, but right from the first moment Vanda not only put me at ease, but made me excited for the shoot!

On the day I had a blast and that was all because of Vanda’s friendly, relaxed and calming style. My photos are amazing and I have had so many compliments on the consistency of brand, and the personality that comes across in them! Thank you, l cannot wait for the next time we get to work together.

Emma May White

-Real World Consultancy

"Vanda was friendly, attentive, she put me at ease and she has a wonderful eye to spot the right angles. I loved how she tried to find out as much as possible about my vision for my brand, she gave me pointers on how to prepare for the photoshoot, and throughout the whole process she was just wonderful.

And a week later, oh my…she went way above and beyond my expectations and surprised me with a lot larger variety of photos than I expected."

Monika Kajtar

"Right from the start of the branding photoshoot, Vanda was a great source of advice. As a career changer, personal branding was an unknown field to me but I needn’t have worried about that. With Vanda, I knew I was in safe hands. I had seen her photos from other clients’ photo shoots and liked her approach.
As someone who hates being in front of the camera, Vanda put me at ease and helped me begin to appreciate how others might perceive photos of me.
We had a great morning together and her sharp thinking and great sense of humour resulted in a superb set of photos. I can’t wait to use them.
Vanda also produced a mini show reel and photos in a range of formats.
Thank you, Vanda."

Linzi McKerr 

-Elements Reflexology

"Just looking through the photos, wow, so amazing I`m blown away! 

Vanda you have taken so many beautiful pictures, I want to post them all now. Thanks for doing all those extra touches of work, I really appreciate your time and efforts."

I really enjoyed the experience and the photo shoot was very relaxed, I did enjoy the planning and getting ready for the photo shoot, I felt very looked after and the service was very quick

Jennifer Alekna 

-Jennifer Suzanne Interior