Vanda Szabo Personal Branding Photographer

"I create branding photographs that female business owners love..."

Vanda Szabo Personal Branding Photography Specialist

Szia! Hello!

I'm Vanda Szabo, personal branding photographer based in Worcester.

I see you! Let's make you sparkle so others see you too.

Let me help you build your confidence and fall in love with your business again. 

Together we can tell your story with photographs that inspire your dream clients to knock on your door!

If you want to make some magic, book a free 15-minute discovery call with me today 

Here is WHY I am in love with Personal Branding Photography:

I love the transformation I create in my clients. 

I love the sparkle in their eyes.

The way their shoulders go back and they stand tall and their confidence grows.

They step into the best version of themselves.


I sense a huge weight dropping off their shoulders as they fall in love with their brand and their business again.

And I love seeing them delight in using the photographs we’ve created together - on social media, in their marketing and on their websites. 

It’s a privilege to be part of this journey.

And each time I’m transformed too.


My promise to you as a Branding Photographer

I work with you to create imagery that represents your brand in an authentic way. 

I hold your hand from start to finish with creative ideas, a key shot list, location, outfit guidance and I help you to feel relaxed, confident and the star of the show throughout your branding photography experience.