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Do you feel lonely as a solo women entrepreneur?

Come and make new business friends during my Netwalking: 

"Vanda’s net walking group is such a great way to meet other local women in business. I love being able to spend time outdoors and I come away feeling inspired and less alone which motivates me to keep going"

Dr Becki Taylor-Smith

"I've only managed to attend two Netwalkings as I can only do Fridays, but just those two have made a positive impact, met some lovely people, some have become friends, my new business venture is on the up through networking and gaining advice..

I love how informal and relaxed it was and that my youngest Grand-daughter attended with me on one of them I got a beautiful branding photo and the biggest factor for me is that it's held in my happy place - the woods, so thank you and I can't wait to come again.."

Jenny Ainsworth

"It just feels “natural to net-connect with others in nature”. Truly, I like coming to netwalking because it is set outdoors, includes movement in fresh air, attracts like-minded people."

Eva Hall

"The energy, the vibes, the soul connections. Surrounding myself with beautiful people who are making a wonderful difference spreading love and positivity, it's a joy to be part of this special movement! Thank you"

Sarah Handley

"Vanda’s netwalking events are literally ‘a breath of fresh air’! When you have a desk job, netwalking is the perfect way of stepping away from the desk but not feeling guilty as it’s time well spent meeting new people, building new business links and supporting like-minded women. "

Ruth Harrison

"The combination of walking, talking, and connecting with like-minded individuals in the great outdoors makes networking feel refreshing and enjoyable, not forced and mechanical. For someone who works from home at a desk, it’s amazing for a nervous system boost too! "

Kaz Scott

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