Vanda Szabo Personal Branding Photographer



My secret ‘unicorn factor’ is my star sign.

I’m an Aquarius.

Rare, creative, smart,  passionate, kind and adventurous. 

We are parents of a toddler monkey. 

I met my partner Szabi the first day I moved to the UK, (he’s Hungarian like me). We’re going for the longest engagement title EVER. 

I love cycling. You can see me whooshing around Worcester almost every day.

I am a fan of Yoga with Adriene, and I do a session daily to centre my mind.


We feel so special when we are near the sea and mountains. 

We live an outdoorsy lifestyle. Weekend? A free afternoon?

On the move for a new adventure. 

I love reading. I always have a stack of books by my bed. 

My dream is to move to Italy so I can live on gelato, pasta and sunshine!


Here is WHY I am in love with Personal Branding Photography:

I love the transformation I create in my clients. 

I love the sparkle in their eyes.

The way their shoulders go back and they stand tall and their confidence grows.

They step into the best version of themselves.

I sense a huge weight dropping off their shoulders as they fall in love with their brand and their business again.

And I love seeing them delight in using the photographs we’ve created together - on social media, in their marketing and on their websites. 

It’s a privilege to be part of this journey.

And each time I’m transformed too.

Let’s Make Something Great