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"Your photographer should be someone whom you connect with and feel comfortable with." Vanda Szabo

Personal Branding Photography Session for a nutritionist by Vanda Szabo Branding Photography Specialist Worcestershire
Personal Branding Photography Session for the Authentic Girls Club by Vanda Szabo Branding Photography Specialist Worcestershire

Are you at a point in your business journey where you've come to realize that your marketing efforts are lacking the professional images needed to truly represent your brand?

Perhaps you find your current visuals to be uninspiring, failing to accurately portray you and your business. You might even feel disconnected from your current imagery, with no visual representation of yourself.

Hours may be spent scouring for the perfect stock images for your newsletters or posts, only to discover that they don't quite convey the story of your brand, your business, or your personal journey. These images could belong to anyone.

You want to stand out from the crowd, to showcase your individuality, and forge meaningful connections with potential clients. You seek to save time and reduce the stress of constantly pondering what to post. Ultimately, you want your business imagery to exude professionalism, infusing a sense of confidence and empowerment whenever you look at them.

You want to feel proud of yourself. Because you should. You put your whole heart, soul, talent, energy and money into your business, so you really deserve to shine.

Is it time to enhance your business visuals and elevate your marketing endeavors? Are you considering the prospect of hiring a professional photographer? The search for the right photographer can indeed be nerve-wracking. Allow me to share some valuable tips on what to look for and the questions to ask during your selection process.

Personal Branding Photography Session for a journalist by Vanda Szabo Branding Photography Specialist Worcestershire
Never hide your face in a business profile picture



Look for someone, who is specializing in this genre. A fantastic wedding or family portrait photographer is not necessarily fantastic in personal branding either. Just think about a pastry chef who specializes in creating macarons, and who is not necessarily good at making wedding cakes.

But a photographer who is a Personal Branding Expert is highly skilled in how to represent your brand, and what to offer to you so you will get more results with your visual content so your return on investment is higher.

I decided to specialize in Personal Branding Photography for heart-led women entrepreneurs. I have invested lots of time, energy, and money to learn about this photography genre so the client who invests in me gets the maximum result for her investment. 


Do they have pre-shoot consultations? If yes, what is included?

Do they provide a workbook for you?

Do you create a Pinterest board together?

Do you receive guidance regarding your location, outfit etc?

How many pictures do you get? What sizes? How will they be delivered?

What else will you receive?

How much do you need to wait for your final photos? Can you pay in instalments?

Can you upgrade?


Vanda Szabo Branding Photography Specialist Worcestershire
A plain photo is not always powerful enough to attract the right clients for you.



Every photographer has a unique style.

Make sure you check that your chosen photographer`s editing style is matching your brand.

My editing syle is towards moody, a bit darker (underexposed) as I feel it adds an extra layer of emotions to my photographs. 

It wouldn`t fit a brand with vibrant colours. 

Most photographers only share a few photos from each photoshoot on social media or website but during the connection call, you can request to see the full galleries of previous clients. It will give you the indication of the variety of photos you can create during a branding photoshoot. 


My motto is that your photographer should be someone whom you connect with and feel comfortable with. Have you felt a connection during the enquiry process?

I created a business model when I work with fewer clients because I want to spend more time with them. I don`t want to be everyone`s photographer and I don`t want to just give a few nice photographs to someone and never see them again. I build a relationship with my clients from the first moment they get in touch with me.

Getting to know my clients before our photoshoot is crucial. As I can serve them better. The photoshoot will be so much more relaxed, a better experience, and the photos will be authentic.

Don`t feel embarrassed to have a lot of connection calls with different photographers. That`s what enquiry calls are for. To see if you are the right fit for each other. No hard feelings if you choose someone else. No pressure if you don`t feel ready. I will also tell you if I can`t help you and refer you to someone else.

But remember having connection calls is the first sign of your commitment to growth. You are sending signs to the universe that you are ready. Even if you feel you can`t afford it right now, having enquiry calls are free and you will have a better understanding of your future investment. You might be surprised by the available options and you realise that your affordability assumptions were all wrong.


Showcase your branding colours in your business profile photo



The experience of others tells a lot about the customer service you are about to receive.

Here is one of the pieces of feedback I received:

"Vanda was friendly, and attentive, she put me at ease, and she has a wonderful eye to spot the right angles. I loved how she tried to find out as much as possible about my vision for my brand, she gave me pointers on how to prepare for the photoshoot, and throughout the whole process, she was just wonderful. And a week later, oh my…she went way above and beyond my expectations and surprised me with a lot larger variety of photos than I expected."


As your brand and business evolve, you need regular updates on your imagery.

Are they offering quarterly or yearly package options with monthly instalments so you can keep your online presence fresh?


Personal Branding Photography Session for a graphic designer by Vanda Szabo Branding Photography Specialist Worcestershire
Personal Branding Photography Session for a transformational coach by Vanda Szabo Branding Photography Specialist Worcestershire



While we all have budgets to work to, you have to consider a Personal Branding Photography Session as an essential investment. These photographs are going to help you grow your business and will bring money to you. For something as important as your brand, you can`t just look for someone who will get the job done at the lowest price.

You need an experienced professional who can assist you in representing your unique persona and vision. When it comes to choosing your brand photographer, look for a photographer who knows how to tell a story with the camera, one that will make any future potential clients of yours want to know more. Someone whom you are going to invest in, but someone who is going to save you time and make you money!


As a personal branding photography specialist, I transform female leaders who hate their photos taken.

I offer an authentic photography experience where you find a friend in me and you realise that showing up in your business could be fun. 

I`ve helped an army of amazing ladies share their unique messages to the world and make them feel great about themselves. 

I would love to help you too so let`s have a friendly chat.